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cssSlider lets your create beautiful image sliders entirely in CSS code
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cssSlider is a handy application that lets you create image sliders for being embedded into your website. It lets you create image sliders in an easy and convenient manner, without requiring you to have any coding knowledge or programming skills. Since it creates the image sliders using only CSS code and no JavaScript or VBScript, the created sliders will be compatible with the vast majority of web browsers, as well as with mobile phones. The created sliders will even be Retina-ready, meaning they will be flawlessly displayed on newer Apple devices too. They’re also responsive and fully adaptable to any sizes. Last but not least, since it doesn't use images for styling, the skin colors can be easily changed while using cssSlider.

What I also like about cssSlider is the fact that it comes with a number of predefined skins and effects, letting you create amazing-looking sliders even faster and easier. Almost every aspect of the created gallery is fully customizable, including the appearance of controls and buttons. Furthermore, there are plenty of publishing options, including publishing directly to an FTP server.

To sum it all up, cssSlider is a great tool of undeniable help to anyone in need of creating impressive image galleries for online publishing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • Comes with predefined skins and effects
  • Lightweight
  • Fully compatible with almost any browser


  • A bit pricey
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